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Attendas Hygiene Partners launches disposable invisible incontinence underwear

Ordua: 2022-10-14 Hits: 29

Attindas Hygiene Partners announced its innovative new adult disposable incontinence underwear product in North America. Invisible under clothing while providing up to 100% leak-free protection, the new product leverages Maxi Comfort ultrasonic bonding technology for more elastic material that conforms to a range of body shapes. This creates a comfortable and sleek fit that doesn’t bunch, roll, ride up or dig at the waist. As one of the company’s best-fitting products yet, it fits and feels like regular underwear, invisibly providing protection day and night. The thin, contoured center contains channels that dry so quickly, users forget that they are wearing the product. The product is available for men and women in three colors that are cottony-soft and skin-friendly.

This latest innovation results from Attindas’ efforts to provide stress-free protection from leaks and odors with products that are functional and discreet at affordable prices. “There’s no reason why incontinence should hold you back or prevent you from doing the things you love with confidence,” says Jacqueline Trauring, senior marketing manager, Global Adult Incontinence for Attindas. “It’s all about security – protection that feels so comfortable, you’ll forget it’s there.”

In an in-home use test, more than 80% of participants reported they didn’t worry about bladder leaks while they wore the product. Instead, they felt dry, clean, fresh, and safe. “That’s how users know it works,” Trauring adds.

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