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Ehunik gabeko ehunen jatorria eta garapen-historia

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The industrial production of nonwovens has been going on for nearly a hundred years. The industrial production of non-woven fabrics in the modern sense began in 1878, when William Bywater, a British company, successfully developed a needle punching machine in the world.

The modern production of the real nonwoven industry began after the Second World War. With the end of the war, the world is awash in waste, and the demand for various textiles is growing.

In this case, nonwovens have achieved rapid development, which has roughly gone through four stages:
1、The budding period was from the early 1940s to the mid 1950s, when most textile enterprises made use of ready-made prevention equipment to make appropriate modifications and use natural fibers to make nonwovens.
During this period, only a few countries such as the United States, Germany and the United Kingdom were researching and producing nonwovens, and their products were mainly thick wadding nonwovens.

2、The commercial production period was from the late 1950s to the late 1960s, when dry and wet technologies were mainly used to manufacture nonwovens using a large number of chemical fibers.

3、The important development period was from the early 1970s to the late 1980s, when the complete production line of polymerization and extrusion was born

The rapid development of various special non-woven fiber chemical fibers, such as low melting point fibers, thermal bonded fibers, two-component fibers, and ultra-fine fibers, has rapidly promoted the progress of the nonwoven material industry.

During this period, the global nonwoven production reached 20000 tons and the output value exceeded 200 million dollars.

This is a new industry based on the cooperation of petrochemical industry, plastic chemical industry, fine chemical industry, paper industry and textile industry. It is known as the sunrise industry in the textile industry. Its products have been widely used in various sectors of the national economy.

On the basis of the continuous rapid growth of nonwoven production, nonwoven technology has made substantial progress at the same time, attracting worldwide attention, and the production area of nonwoven has also expanded rapidly.

4、In the global development period, since the early 1990s, nonwoven enterprises have made great progress.

Through technical innovation of equipment, optimization of product structure, intellectualization of equipment and branding of the market, the nonwoven technology has become more advanced and mature, the equipment has become more sophisticated, the performance of nonwoven materials and products has been significantly improved, the production capacity and product series have been continuously expanded, and new products, new technologies and new applications have emerged in endlessly.

During this period, the spinning and melt blown nonwovens technology has been rapidly promoted and applied in production, and machinery manufacturers have also introduced complete sets of spinning and melt blown nonwovens production lines to the market.

Dry nonwoven technology also made important progress in this period. Spunlaced nonwovens were put into commercial production, and foam dipping bonding, hot rolling bonding and other technologies were promoted and applied.

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