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Zein da ehundu gabeko arroparen erabilera-esparrua eta ezaugarriak?

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Zein da ehundu gabeko arroparen erabilera-esparrua eta ezaugarriak?
Zhejiang Yanpeng Nonwoven Machinery Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer specializing in the research and development of non-woven production lines. Since from the beginning of 2008, we always focused on non-woven field. Until today, we serve over 200 customers at home and abroad, and installed more than 600 non woven production lines all over the world.
 Our main products include: PP spunbond non woven production line, meltblown non-woven production line, spunmelt composite nonwoven production line (such as SMS,SMMS, SSMMS, SMMMS …etc), Polyester (PET) non woven fabric production line, Nylon (PA) non woven production line, etc. We successfully launch the PLA/RPET non woven fabric production line in 2021.

Non-woven operating garment is a sterile isolation garment worn by doctors during surgery, experiment and research. It is used to isolate infections caused by germs and other factors, avoid secondary infection of patients, and prevent alcohol and blood and other fluids from infecting medical staff. Mainly used for medical operation, patient treatment; Epidemic prevention inspection in public places; Disinfection of virus contaminated areas can also be widely used in military, agriculture, animal husbandry, chemical industry, environmental protection, and other fields.

Non-woven operating clothes using raw materials SMS non-woven, non-woven peritoneum, kapok three anti non-woven. Sewing methods are ultrasonic wireless thermal closing, sewing machine wired sewing. Conventional specifications are 120cm * 120cm, 120cm * 140cm, 120cm * 150cm.

Non-woven operating clothes are commonly packed in double layers, sterilized with ethylene oxide, and have the following other features:
1. Fully conjoined, front opening.
2. Strong and durable, resistant to tear and wear, comfortable, soft, light, breathable, non-fluffing, anti-pollution and anti-static.
3. It can permeate air and water vapor, and can exclude water-based liquid and float. Made of 100% high density polyethylene, free of filler, binder, and silicon.
4. The surface is smooth and repels inorganic liquid, prevents chemical substances from sputtering, and makes solid dust not easy to adhere.
5. It can effectively prevent harmful ultrafine dust, high concentration inorganic acid, alkali and salt solution.
6. Resistant to liquid impact.
7. It can prevent the invasion of body fluids, blood and blood-borne pathogens.

Aurrekoa: Zer gertatzen da ehundu gabeko medikuntzaren eguneraketari buruz?

Hurrengoa: "Ireki bide bat sastar eta kardoaren bidez, elkarrekin bidaiatzeko ametsa" Yanpeng Nonwoven-Uztaileko langileen bilera eta urte erdiko laburpen bilera

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